Your Clients Will Do The “Selling” For You

With These Pro-Level…

Simply introduce us to your client, and we’ll (tastefully) take care of the rest!

Now as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Marketing Strategy

100% Remote Filming

14-Day Turnaround

79% of consumers have watched a video testimonial

to learn more about a company, product or service (Wyzowl)

70% of marketers say video converts better

than any other medium (Forbes)

90% of user say that seeing a video

about a product is helpful for making decisions. (Insivia)

2/3 of consumers say they're more likely

to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product or service helped someone like them. (Wyzowl)

47% of people say testimonial videos are effective

because they help visualize how a product or service actually works. (Wyzowl)

Your Customers are in Safe Hands

Client Nurturing

We coordinate with your customers, build a solid rapport with them prior to the shoot, and prepare to bring their best on camera.


We carefully plan and map out the call beforehand to ensure we achieve your objectives without burdening your client with too many questions or pushing the relationship (knowing which threads to pull and which to leave alone),

Universal Approval

We make sure your customer is 100% comfortable with everything they've shared and obtain their full approval before we start editing the video.


All this combined ensures the very best customer experience.

Step 1: The Funnel "Hotspots" Strategy

Step 2: The Ideal Spokesperson

Step 3: Nurture and Preparation

Step 4: The 'One Shot' Remote Interview

Step 5: The Video Testimonial Showcase

Step 6: Distribution and Leverage

Strategic Marketing Expertise

46 Years of Expertise Combined

100% ‘Done for You’ (not software!)

Expert Help Getting a YES From Your Client

Fast Turnaround

Your video will be ready within 14 days of filming, slashing the time normally required for traditional video production.

Transparent Pricing

We offer a fixed-price package to film client’s around the world, at a fraction of the investment of traditional productions.

Dedicated Producer

You will be assigned a dedicated producer to oversee strategy and questions and ensure your clients remain relaxed and confident.

We provide the strategy and tools to identify clients at their “Moment of Delight” when they are most likely to be open to providing a testimonial.

For Maximum Impact

High-Quality Royalty-Free Music

Product Image Overlay


Your company’s images, PDFs, screen captures and web pages are incorporated into the video to reinforce the core story and branding.

Custom Titles To Match Your Brand Guidelines

Choose your favourite lower third title graphic to reflect your company's branding and colour scheme.

Unlimited Revision

Raw Footage

You get to keep the unedited raw video interview footage to archive for future use.